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Q-Art Code Public Art Project Launched

The official launch and celebration of the Q-Art Code Project took place March 1 at CAM Raleigh. Mayor Nancy McFarlane spoke about the value of public art in Raleigh and how the project will enable access to information about artworks in […]

Career Opportunity; 3D Animator, Multimedia Designer

Immersion Media is looking to hire a 3D Animator and a multimedia designer. Immersion does 3D learning simulations, HD videos, mobile apps, for sports and military training as well as K-12 (STEM) curriculum.  They are ideally looking for recent graduates […]

Flash AS3: loop video – FLVPlayback

import; myVideo.addEventListener( VideoEvent.COMPLETE, completePlay); function completePlay(e:VideoEvent):void {; } import; fl_video.autoRewind = true; // fl_video being the name of the video component fl_video.addEventListener(VideoEvent.AUTO_REWOUND, doLoop); function doLoop(e:VideoEvent):void {; }

Mother; An Animated Short by Adam Osgood

Mother; An Animated Short by Adam Osgood Oral Defense for Masters in New Media/Animation March 27th at 4:30pm, Brooks Hall Rm.320, NCSU College of Design

7th Annual PSAid competition

Is that MY video on TV?   Think you have what it takes to make onto primetime? Prove it!  In this year’s 7th Ann ual PSAid competition, winning Public Service Announcement (PSA) submissions will have the chance to air on NFL […]

Animation Fest

Join us for the Animation Fest, featuring a range of exciting works from the students in the Art and Design animation studios.       The Animation Fest takes place Friday, April 29th from 6:00- 7:00 p.m. and will be […]

Tim Matney, Lecture + Workshop

All College of Design students and faculty are invited to presentations by artist and designer Tim Matney (Digital Matte Painter, Compositor, Concept Artist) on April 1st in Burns Auditorium. Tim Matney has 15 years of experience working in visual effects […]

The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Opening and Masters Defence 24 February, 2011 – 330pm Venue, Allred Gallery – Kamphoefner Hall NC State University, College of Design Open for viewing – February 24 -26, 2pm -9pm According to John, the author of the Book of Revelation, […]


Fresh Look: Evolving Art & Design in NC NCMA: Museum on the Move Projected computer animations are among the first works of art visitors experience in East Building. Collaborating designers, Lee Cherry and Donnie Wrights, with Associate Professor, Pat […]

John Bintz: Publishing Webcomics Using ComicPress

Great overview and showcase of ComicPress. ComicPress is currently at Vs2.8 and has grown in features since its introduction in 2005. Vs2.9 Beta is in production. It’s available as a download and is “donationware”. John Bintz covers how he’s used […]