Flash Applets

Color Palettes and Analysis [view tutorial]
– A few Flash 8 Applets that can help in color palette selection and identification. These were created by modifying Flash Bitmap Tools and getPixel bitmap cycler to allow you to load a dynamic .jpg image on load into a custom bitmap object for analysis.

Load Random JPG Image [view tutorial]
– This tutorial covers 3 different techniques and strategies for making an applet that loads a random JPG/SWF image from a series of available images in a directory.

Flash Tilt/Shift Effect [view tutorial]
– This tutorial demonstrates that you can achieve a tilt/shift effect using dynamic filter effects in Flash 8. Used in conjunction with your Flash Animation projects you can achieve miniature aerial effects (tilt/shift) without having to create the effect scene by scene.Toggle Movieclip Button

XML Image Gallery [view tutorial]

Image Scroller

Navigation Slider

Tab System

Text Scroller

Flash Preloader

Video Scrubber

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