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Pixy CMUcam5 Testing

  Pixy Stuck Attempts to Find an Augmented Reality Development Solution for Unity3d Project Team: Matt Cotter (Grad CSC), Sam Henry (Grad CSC), Jim Martin (A+D) and Daniel Lunk ( Grad, A+D) Faculty Advising: Ben Watson (CSC), Pat FitzGerald (A+D) […]

Flash AS3: Fullscreen video blanks screen

When the stage enters full-screen mode, the FLVPlayback component is on top of all content and takes over the entire screen. When the stage exits full-screen mode, the screen returns to how it was before. // say your FLVPlayback component […]

Flash AS3: loop video – FLVPlayback

import; myVideo.addEventListener( VideoEvent.COMPLETE, completePlay); function completePlay(e:VideoEvent):void {; } import; fl_video.autoRewind = true; // fl_video being the name of the video component fl_video.addEventListener(VideoEvent.AUTO_REWOUND, doLoop); function doLoop(e:VideoEvent):void {; }

Flash Image Gallery

There are two questions I often get asked by students (just about to graduate)… the first is “How much do I charge for design work?” and the second is how do “I do I make a portfolio website?“. As for […]

Mobile + An Internet Watered Down

Product development on the mobile platform doesn’t have to be an afterthought or a ‘just push this format but smaller’ mentality. It doesn’t need to be a fancy Vimeo viral add and it doesn’t have to be “lip stick on […]

Podcasting Resources

A lengthy overview and resources available for creating and setting up a Podcast; which is a bit or trial-and-error as well as a subtle artistic endeavor. This is a running document for students taking Universal by Design (iTunes Link) through […]

MakingThings – Teleos

Project Teleos. In an effort to lay down some “foundation modules” for the upcoming studio projects for the Contemporary Art Museum I’ve been working launched back into life as a programmer. We’re going to be developing projects for interactive design […]

Pharmasim Marketing Simulation

Back from a (working) vacation… sometimes you ‘really’ can’t get away. Just wrapped up the Pharmasim Marketing Simulation from Interpretive Software, Inc.We had to take the role of a brand manager in the over-the-counter cold medicine market and I’m happy […]