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*Portfolio Website Primer; Introduction + Resources

ADN491/Senior Seminar Studio/Professional Practice Portfolio Website Primer; Introduction + Resources Before approaching anything first draft up an outline of what it is you want this website “thing” to showcase… a simple outline, basic architecture framework, features you want to include […]

Pixy CMUcam5 Testing

  Pixy Stuck Attempts to Find an Augmented Reality Development Solution for Unity3d Project Team: Matt Cotter (Grad CSC), Sam Henry (Grad CSC), Jim Martin (A+D) and Daniel Lunk ( Grad, A+D) Faculty Advising: Ben Watson (CSC), Pat FitzGerald (A+D) […]

Prototype resources; Ubiquitous Computing; Digital Fabrics – Digital Humanities and Design

Prototype Resources; Ubiquitous Computing; Digital Fabrics – Digital Humanities and Design Fashion Technology 2 part lecture/video (about 1 hour) from XS Labs – Joanna Berzowska, she came to give a lecture for the College of Design Textiles group a few […]

Flash AS3: FLVPlayback component, onComplete

// create an event listener for a FLV Playback Component // FLVPlayback component has an instance name of: myFLVplayer // FLVPlayback component is located in a movieclip: myMovie_mc // listens for when the video has completed playing // “rewinds” it […]

Flash AS3: Switch/Case

// call switchCase(), pass in one number to execute a set of // other functions or lines of code based on that number. // limited error detection function switchCase(num:Number=NaN) { var num:Number=num; if (isNaN(num)) { throw new Error(”no value defined”); […]

Flash AS3: Random Low/High

//call this function, pass it two numbers (low number, high number) // should return a random number between lo and high number // some error checking,  checks to see if low number < high number function randomNumber(low:Number=NaN, high:Number=NaN):Number { var […]

Flash Image Gallery

There are two questions I often get asked by students (just about to graduate)… the first is “How much do I charge for design work?” and the second is how do “I do I make a portfolio website?“. As for […]

Mobile + An Internet Watered Down

Product development on the mobile platform doesn’t have to be an afterthought or a ‘just push this format but smaller’ mentality. It doesn’t need to be a fancy Vimeo viral add and it doesn’t have to be “lip stick on […]

Figure Drawing Workshop – Glenn Vilppu

The College of Design’s Art + Design department welcomes master teacher Glenn Vilppu for a very special set of figure drawing workshops. Glenn Vilppu is one of the premier figure drawing instructors to the hollywood animation studios.  He teaches figure […]

Podcasting Resources

A lengthy overview and resources available for creating and setting up a Podcast; which is a bit or trial-and-error as well as a subtle artistic endeavor. This is a running document for students taking Universal by Design (iTunes Link) through […]