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Blogger to WordPress

Moving to WordPress.


Kung Hei Fat Choy! (Happy New Years.) Now, onto some late night gaming, zug-zug


One can never have enough books… ok maybe not. After kindly being volunteered by my better half with closing out the school year… we shuffled around all the books used by the students into the book room. After a few […]


Portfolio Items Updated:    Community Protection Institute (C3PI), Website Development    Third Renaissance, Inc. – Website Development    Starta Development, Inc. – Marketing Campaign    Total College Sports – Print Campaign – Print Campaign


feeling better. Hot tea, lemon and honey did the trick… lots of it. Currently working on reviewing Pier1’s annual report for accounting class. (insert note of sarcasm here.) Woohoo. Dry stuff, but I like to look at it as a […]


in space no one can hear you scream… I’m currently trying to get over a sinus infection that somehow managed to irritate my throat to the point where I can’t talk as well as I would like – think laryngitis…. […]


Catching up… Congrats to the New Grads! Allen and Stephen enjoy the last free summer. Allen, drop me your new email when you get set up at NC State. Stephen, be safe and don’t have too much fun at Paris […]


School. Been busy studying for finals and writing my last case study papers. Last case study is on Tivo… it should be pretty interesting. Next up, Summer Session. Work. On another note, my last week wrapped up with Starta Development, […]


Tetra Vaal: 3D animated robot / combat / police A whole lot of time and passion to pursue realism, short of amazing! OK, now we have really reached the point where it is impossible to tell the difference between the […]

Pharmasim Marketing Simulation

Back from a (working) vacation… sometimes you ‘really’ can’t get away. Just wrapped up the Pharmasim Marketing Simulation from Interpretive Software, Inc.We had to take the role of a brand manager in the over-the-counter cold medicine market and I’m happy […]