Catching up…

Congrats to the New Grads!
Allen and Stephen enjoy the last free summer. Allen, drop me your new email when you get set up at NC State. Stephen, be safe and don’t have too much fun at Paris Island! Drop James a line and ask him for some pointers for not getting lost. 😉

MBA… 4-hour evening sessions this summer – woo hoo!. Still not sure about general journal methods of accounting – how odd. LOL.

Play… Busy on the auction front. New items up for auction. Good stuff if you’re a Nascar fan. Managed to get a few boxloads of auction material with my dad and finally got around to snapping photos and getting things posted. eBay Auctions here! Mostly Nascar stuff at the moment.

Work… Lined up some interviews this past month… job market seems to be slowly inching along. Looking forward to making some decisions soon.

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