MakingThings Tutorials

MakingThings – Teleos [ View Tutorial ]
Understand the basic functionality behind the MakingThings devices. Learn about the functions available in the brains behind the system as well as see examples on how these type of devices will revolutionize your next art installation or prototype.

MakingThings – Sensors [ View Tutorial ]
Delve into the multitude of sensor input devices available to your MakingThings project. Understand which sensors are best suited for your application and find out how to integrate them within your Flash project.

MakingThings – Motors [ View Tutorial ]
Shake things up and get things moving with servo-motors and worm gears that can get your project off the ground floor and reach out to your audience. Understand the different types of motors and their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the proper application.

MakingThings – Actionscript [ View Tutorial ]
Get Flash communicating with the Teleos device. Understand how to address the different modules available to your Flash project.

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