Flash Actionscript

Flash Actionscript – Library, Symbols and Instances
Understand the fundamentals of the Library and the symbols that reside there. Learn to differentiate between symbols and instances as well as understand the need for good naming conventions. Learn about Code-hints and how it can save you some keystrokes which just might help reduce CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome).

Flash Actionscript -  ‘dot-syntax’
It’s not interactive unless you can get your instance objects on your stage to react to something. Understand the different ways to get information from your instance objects and how to make them do what you want. Go a step further and get your instance objects to send information back and forth so you don’t have to do all the work.

Flash Actionscript – Buttons
Although the direct application of the traditional button has fallen out of favor there are still some useful tricks that can be applied to navigate around your Flash project. Understand the difference between buttons and movieclip buttons and learn how to create a “two-state button” that knows that it’s been clicked.

Flash Actionscript – Movies, movieclips and FLV Video Encoder
Learn techniques to streamline your Flash project and get organized. Create a movieclip button template and be more efficient. Understand how movieclips treat each other and how they can be positioned within your Flash project. Tie to external FLV/F4v videos for added experience.

Flash Actionscript – External .SWF Movies
Learn to load external .SWF movies and how this technique can make updating/editing easier on you. Find ways to layer and shuffle your movies within your Flash project.

Flash Actionscript – Functions
Don’t reinvent the wheel. Learn how functions are best used. Understand the techniques that help your Flash project get data moving.

Flash Actionscript – Logic, Arrays, Strings & Math
Delve back into Mathematics 101 and build a simple calculator… Learn how arrays can get your instance objects to quickly populate the stage. Understand how variables are handled and what happens if you are careless with data.

Flash Actionscript – External Data: Text, XML & URL
Get information into your Flash project. Learn the different techniques to import datasets of information and understand which method is best suited for your Flash project.

Flash Actionscript – External .AS Files
Sometimes it’s easier if everything is in one place. Learn about a programming technique to store actionscript outside the Flash project. Understand the power behind leveraging classes and third-party Actionscript .AS files available from the open source community.

Flash Actionscript – vCam, Tweener, gTween
Build on the previous lesson about .AS files and learn how to tween using only Actionscript functions and integrating other tween engines.

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