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7th Annual PSAid competition

Is that MY video on TV?   Think you have what it takes to make onto primetime? Prove it!  In this year’s 7th Ann ual PSAid competition, winning Public Service Announcement (PSA) submissions will have the chance to air on NFL […]

The Pumpkin King Scholarship 2011

An award of a $2,500 scholarship is available to any Art +Design or Industrial Design major who possesses outstanding abilities in drawing and/or building.  The recipient must have a strong academic record and professional promise. You must have a B […]

Motion Comics

Love them or hate them motion comics are now more then a trend… halfway between a traditional, standard static panel comicbook layout and slightly less movement then a full featured animation… the “motion comic” is the next industry trend. Pundits […]

The Pumpkin King Scholarship

Deadline: Friday October 24, 2008 An award of a $2,500 Scholarship is available to any Art +Design or Industrial Design major who possess Outstanding Abilities in Drawing and/or Building. The recipient must have a strong academic record and professional promise. […]

Nicktoons Network Animation Festival 2008

Seems like a pretty sweet deal – grand prize is just shy of $30,000… which is a Nick Development Award to produce your own featured show for Nicktoons. The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival is back for its 5th year! The […]

2008 NSF Visualization Challenge

2008 NSF / AAAS Visualization Challenge Stop, Look, and Learn An arresting visualization will stop us in our tracks. A revealing visualization will show us more the longer we look at it. But a winning visualization will do all of […]

Network offers contest for viewer ads

Wrapping up soon… Current TV, a peer-to-peer news and information network, is sponsoring Viewer Created Ad Message competitions. Various brands hold contests, with the winner receiving $1,000 if their work airs on Current TV and $60,000 if it airs elsewhere. […]

Share Your Vision – Share The Rewards

The 2008 NSF / AAAS Visualization Challenge Show us what you see: let us peer through your camera’s lens, stand over your drawing table, sit before your computer screen. Teach us what we don’t know: bend time and space, eliminate […]

Write game. Promote Health/Fitness. Win $75k.

HopeLab, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of young people with chronic illness, with the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is holding an online contest for innovative products called “Ruckus Nation.” The […]

Win a free moleskine.

The 2007 Moleskinerie Summer Giveaways is having their summer (Moleskin) giveaway contest… check it out here. If you’re not into Moleskins check out Smiggles. For the DIY crowd check Instructables for some good ideas on developing and refining your […]