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Master of Art+Design Overview [ details ]

We are glad you decided to explore the offerings of our program.

The Master of Art and Design extends the departments long standing commitment to interdisciplinary and collaborative education to the graduate level.The unique feature of this graduate program is the blending of art, design, and both hand and digital technologies. The degree offers two concentrations, each with opportunities for collaboration and interaction with other programs on campus.

We know that you can’t get a real ”feel” for a department from a simple written program description. At this site, we try to give you a feel for who we are and what studying here might be like.

Each section, accessible on the labeled bands above, lets you explore a different aspect of the program, with lots of visuals. And, oh, don’t miss the videos in the courses and curriculum section. We hope you will come away with an appreciation for our program and its resources.

We look forward to your questions and the arrival of your application.

Susan Brandeis,
Director of Graduate Programs, Art and Design

Application Information

Applications received after deadlines will be considered on a space-available basis.

For further information, contact Graduate Program Director Susan Brandeis at 919/515-3876. OR Graduate Secretary, Pamela Christie-Tabron at 919-515-8308

What some of our students are saying:

”Working closely with my peers and instructors cultivates an environment of security conducive to risk taking, free thinking, and innovation.”
– Jeanine Henderson
”I learn in an atmosphere where the learning experience is enhanced and the best aspects are found even when your project falls apart the night before critique.” – Jacquelyn Nouveau
”We are a vibrant and enthusiastic department that offers me a strong structured core program in fibers, with multiple opportunities to develop
individual interests as well.” – Rodica Simon
”Some people might look at me and say, ‘Now she must be a deep thinker’, but what they don’t realize is that I’m not figuring out the quantum equation for the rotation of the earth, I’m just watching characters moving about in my head. How fortunate I am to get the chance to bring them to life for others to enjoy.”
– Sharon Marcussen

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