DIY Green Screen

Green Screen Rosco Ultimatte, Chroma Key vs similar paints?

Making your own or buying it… Rosco Chroma Key Green, $45 a gallon (!) on a 24′ x 18′ wall works well. Ultimatte is just a shade different, specified by Ultimatte and more expensive.You don’t need that unless you are using the Ultimatte plug-in for AfterEffects or the Ultimatte hardware for a keyer. You don’t really need to pop $45/gallon either, you can get pretty darn close at the local paint store. The green and blue are supposed to be “pure,” matching the green or blue in the SMPTE color bars as closely as possible — but in the ballpark works just fine. It must be flat latex, not semi gloss.

Straight out painting a wall is best. Can be done with a blue cloth backdrop,but it is not easy to get right, to get all the wrinkles out, and the cloth tends to absorb more light than paint. However, If the wall is out of the question, you can rigup a large cloth as a cyc. If you only need a small area, paint a piece of paneling and then you can move it away when not needed.

Is blue or green better? It’s kind of a cointoss. Supposedly you’re supposed to lean toward green with brunette actors and blue with blondes. Either way, the differences may show up more if the lighting is “iffy.”

Home Depot Paint Mix
aka, the alternative to Rosco Chroma Key Green Video Paint
– Rosco $45/Gallon
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Evermore Interior Latex Flat (New)(HD9000)
***Custom Color Match***
1 Quart

Colorant Oz 48 96
AX Perm Yellow 1 31 1
B Lamp Black 0 1 0
D Thalo Green 1 4 0
KX White 0 11 0
Phone#: (847)705-6801 Palatine
11/8/04 17:03-SW-1927

DIY Green Screen Examples

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