One can never have enough books… ok maybe not.

After kindly being volunteered by my better half with closing out the school year… we shuffled around all the books used by the students into the book room. After a few hours of counting, sorting, chucking damaged books and clearing the dust from our eyes I looked up at the tower of books and thought (out loud) why in the world aren’t these things on PDA yet!? LOL. I can’t believe that there isn’t a way to offer inexpensive PDA units to students in the school system with digital copies of these books. Setup some sort of digital distribution system and a one-size fits all PDA…

Granted not all books can be transferred (i.e. physics, math, et.al.) but all of those literature books, classics and modern, should be available in digital format. I’ve done only a rough estimate of the amount of money that would be saved yearly from lost, damaged, mangled, abused books that get tossed by the wayside… we’re talking ~$150,000 a year based on a few schools, 24 selected works and a modest number of copies. It would seem that the school system has more power and influence then the publishing industry but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work out that way. Then again, there are logistical conerns/issues with using technology – but if there isn’t some sort of pilot program and system put into place to try this out then how is it ever going to go mainstream.

For services rendered an old copy of Garrison Keiller’s “The Book of Guys” – Too funny… not sure if it was a slight on my part to get that from my wife. hehe.

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