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Project Teleos.
In an effort to lay down some “foundation modules” for the upcoming studio projects for the Contemporary Art Museum I’ve been working launched back into life as a programmer. We’re going to be developing projects for interactive design with regards to museum exhibits and experimental artworks, it’s going to be a challenge – considering we don’t really know what is going to be created until we get together and go over the basic theme and structure.

Let’s call it the really out-of-focus, fuzzy front end.

In the meantime, I’ve been stripping old DVD players, outdated computers and electronic gadgets for parts to be combined with MakingThings modules. So far, the documentation is pretty decent. We’re approaching it from Flash MX perspective; however, I’ve heard the response time for Flash MX isn’t too good for this sort of thing – we’ll have to see, truly depends on how complicated each project is. Basically it’s a simple way to get electronic inputs and outputs to talk to one another and to interact with Flash objects (movieclips, images, sounds, So right now, I have a foundation module for digital inputs and digital outputs created as well as one for all the analog inputs and PWM outputs. I imagine it’s enough for anyone without Flash Actionscript knowledge to jump right in and gain access to all the ports neccessary to make an interesting interactive project. More to follow…

Get something started here:

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