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New Lab Location

As of March 2015 the Advanced Media Lab has been integrated with the main Information Technology Lab in Brooks Hall.  Anticipated construction of Brooks 320 and retrofit of several studios with new technology resources and collaboration stations will occur during […]

Temporary Location

TEMPORARY LOCATION The College of Design IT Lab will be in Brooks 316-319 for the summer. Equipment checkout and staff offices are in Brooks 316. Two computer labs are set up in Brooks 318 and 319. Brooks 319 includes Cintiq displays.  Summer […]

Pixy CMUcam5 Testing

  Pixy Stuck Attempts to Find an Augmented Reality Development Solution for Unity3d Project Team: Matt Cotter (Grad CSC), Sam Henry (Grad CSC), Jim Martin (A+D) and Daniel Lunk ( Grad, A+D) Faculty Advising: Ben Watson (CSC), Pat FitzGerald (A+D) […]

Long View; Kinect+Processing

“Long View” — This is an interactive projected art piece that portrays time through the evolutionary progression of a planet. Using motion detection hardware (microsoft kinect) and custom made software (derived from the OpenNI drivers, and programmed using processing), we […]

Q-Art Code Public Art Project Launched

The official launch and celebration of the Q-Art Code Project took place March 1 at CAM Raleigh. Mayor Nancy McFarlane spoke about the value of public art in Raleigh and how the project will enable access to information about artworks in […]

Prototype resources; Ubiquitous Computing; Digital Fabrics – Digital Humanities and Design

Prototype Resources; Ubiquitous Computing; Digital Fabrics – Digital Humanities and Design Fashion Technology 2 part lecture/video (about 1 hour) from XS Labs – Joanna Berzowska, she came to give a lecture for the College of Design Textiles group a few […]

Interactive Mirror Demo

///Animation Flash Widget

Cognitive Surplus

The sleeper must awaken… in a whole other context. Clay Shirky tries to tap into the incredible potential that could be available but unfortunately lies behind “where do we find the time” sucker that traditional television has to offer us […]

Feng-GUI (Beta)

A low-level heatmap used to visualize how a “person” might view the website and the process/order in which the visual information attracts the user…  simulated using some convincing AI but pretty interesting information and toolkit to work with… Feng-GUI empower […]

Multi-Touch Flash, flosc : Flash OpenSound Control

We were using this method to track and migrate data from Processing to Flash… it’s not extremely efficient but can get the job done. I imagine this could come in handy if you wanted to utilize a single machine/camera setup […]