Prototype resources; Ubiquitous Computing; Digital Fabrics – Digital Humanities and Design

Prototype Resources;
Ubiquitous Computing; Digital Fabrics – Digital Humanities and Design

Fashion Technology

2 part lecture/video (about 1 hour) from XS Labs – Joanna Berzowska, she came to give a lecture for the College of Design Textiles group a few years back and held a hands on demo for electronics integration with fabric as well.

Fashioning Technology came out a while back that talks specifically about projects developed around DIY fibers and electronics; I made a request at the Design Library to have it ordered, not sure if it ever made it into the stacks…

This book demonstrates how to blend sewing and assembly techniques  with traditional electronics to assemble simple circuits using  conductive thread, solder joints for snaps, and switches for buttons.  With the sewing machine as a viable substitute for the soldering iron, you can craft a new generation of objects that are interactive, quirky, and fashion-conscious.

Prototype platforms for testing and development

adafruit; has a ton of resources and awesome tutorials on electronics and circuits


SparkFun; resources and tutorials;

MaKey MaKey; fun little integrated board for connecting different and obscure items for computing and play

Make Magazine + MakerShed has a great blog and an online shop/tutorial sections as well;

Leap Motion; Touch-free, 3D motion technology uses a patented, breakthrough approach to let you control your computer using only your hands.

MYO – Wireless, blue tooth gesture controlled device – this is black magic stuff… The MYO armband lets you use the electrical activity in your muscles to wirelessly control your computer, phone, and other favorite digital technologies.

Conductive paint;

Sonic Fabric is the New York design firm that is reusing cassette and vhs tape for textiles; they have a $20/swatch kit (2x, 5″x7″ sample) available to order; or $100 yard for their limited edition signature woven sonic fabric. A bit pricey but and if you may be able to fabricate your own.

Demo of them playing back the audio on Sonic Fabric…

DIY/Maker Spaces (Raleigh/Durham)

Tech Shop RDU (CLOSED April 20, 2013;)  is local to Raleigh/Durham; they have some classes you can take and a lot rent studio/tool space for access to things outside what we have here at the IT/Materials Lab –

The Scrap Exchange; this is in Durham, great resource for all things surplus, tech, reuse/recycle; they usually have a ton of tapes and old electronics as well… it’s hit or miss, but it can be a goldmine depending on what you are working on.

Maker Faire in Raleigh coming up in June 15, 2013;

Surplus and New/Used Electronics;

Great resources for parts, electronics,

Jameco, digitkey and mouser are great resources they have a bit more technical and dedicated electronic parts, lots of digital goodies:

Home Design “TechShop” Options

Full Spectrum Laser
New 40W CO2 Hobby Laser (5th gen: 20″x12″+Removable Floor)
Price: $4,324.00

Roland MDX-15 & MDX-20 Portable Milling Machine and Scanner
USD $3495.00

MakerBot Replicator2x™ (6 week leadtime) Dual-Print Head
Price: $3,404.00

UP! Mini 3D Printer

Facetron Faceting Machine, w/index gears – 64,96
Price: $2,425.00

Diamond Pacific Genie

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