New Lab Location

As of March 2015 the Advanced Media Lab has been integrated with the main Information Technology Lab in Brooks Hall.  Anticipated construction of Brooks 320 and retrofit of several studios with new technology resources and collaboration stations will occur during Summer 2015.

Rendering stations and large format multi-touch displays are available within the Scholars Research and Rendering Room (Brooks 202A) which can be reserved upon request for small group meetings.

Dell Precision Tower Rendering machines are still available and can be connected to interact with the NCSU Hunt Library Render Farm.

All Wacom Cintiq equipped machines were allocated to Brooks 202 Cintiq lab.

The majority of the technology and video equipment can be checked out from the main checkout desk and specialized equipment can be loaned out for a maximum of  3 days; specialized equipment is available to any graduate student or graduate/undergraduate students enrolled in a studio that the equipment has been reserved for.

If you have any specific questions please contact:
Jonas McCoy <>, Director of Information Technology

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