Summertime Hot Dog – Chicago Style.
I’m hooked…

1. Yellow Mustard (Deli/Dijon Style or Ballpark Yellow)
2. Ketchup (any brand, the thickest kind you can buy)
3. Teaspoon Sweet Green Relish or A Kosher Pickle Spear, sliced thinly
(I prefer kosher dills, Polsky Wyrob’s are best if you can still find them.)
4. Fresh Chopped Red Onions (Vidalia’s are nice when in season)
5. Fresh Diced Roma Tomatoes (much firmer then garden/beefsteak and less runny)
6. Two “Pepper-o-cinis” (salad peppers), julianed – remove the stem/stalk but keep the seeds for extra heat.
7. A Couple of Dashes Celery Salt (don’t skimp, get this.)
8. Teaspoon of Poppy Seeds (don’t skimp, get this.)
9. Butter Hotdog Buns… or you can omit #8 if you have Poppy Seed Hot Dog Buns…
10. All beef hot dog, grilled to juicy perfection.

My other favorite… Summertime HotDog – Baltimore style.

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