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SecondLife on NBC-17

Shirley Min (aka Shirls Beck, SecondLife) with NBC 17 met with a few of us in SecondLife last week to learn about what we’re doing in Second Life at NC State for instruction in distance education. httpv:// She has a […]


A Flash Animation Composition for Comic Books and Animated Flipbooks We had a fantastic opportunity for students and guests to experiment with short animation stories and world building to create a sense of place and perspective for creative exploration. Students […]

Digital Comics for Literacy

Storytelling is a key element of learning. We tell stories to explain the world not just for others, but for ourselves. Being able to explain relationships allows us to build on our knowledge, as is related in Paiget’s Theory of […]

Experience is the new reality…

In response to Jakob Nielson, and a bit of retrospective homage to Epic 2015, David Armano, VP Experience Design, Critical Mass (yes, they are hiring) presents to you a new YouTube post with a bit of futuremashing for your enjoyment… […]


On July 23rd immediately following the Youtube/CNN debate John Edwards will answer questions from Twitter users in a live webcast on He wants twitter-ers to @johnedwards some questions in advance. (Legal) Note: The posting to this Twitter event does […]

Seadragon and Photosynth

A brief (pseudo) example was shown during Apple Worldwide Developers Conference of this method of viewing large datasets of images and content. Apple’s demo used images of DVD movies on a large wall (Finder/Cover Flow). This takes it to a […]

(Business Card) Flipbooks

While putting together a workshop for the World Children’s Festival we were looking for a good way to print out animated flipbooks. Must to our dismay we could only find a few solutions that would fit our needs. There are […]

Second Life: Visualizing Design Concepts in a Virtual Environment

Time and PlaceDate: Tuesday, June 19, 2007 Location: NCSU Libraries Learning Commons Presentation Room Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm Email: Contact InfoPhone: 919.515.7557 Orion Pozo(Peace Furst) will attend and stream the Second Life event “Visualizing Design Concepts in a Virtual […]

David Donar Animation Lecture 4/20/07

ANIMATION  LECTURE with DAVID DONAR, ANIMATOR WHEN:   FRIDAY APRIL 20, 12:30 WHERE :    LEAZAR   310 Bio David Donar is an animator and educator currently teaching digital production in animation and art at Clemson University. Before coming to Clemson, David taught […]

Lev Manovich: Software Takes Command: Or, Life after After Effects

Start: Apr 18 2007 – 6:00pm End: Apr 18 2007 – 8:00pm Timezone: Etc/GMT-5 Event Information: Lev Manovich was born in Moscow and moved to New York in 1981. He studied fine arts, architecture, animation, and programming before starting to […]