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flickrleech (because paging sucks)

Pagination API ‘exploit’ to display and thumbnail flickr photos. This is not an Interestingness only tool. While Interestingness is one function of the Flickr API exploited by this tool, do not assume that searches on a username will pull up […]

Artist’s Obscurity

Artist’s Obscurit My father recently dropped off an etching from Paris Etching Society that he picked up at an estate auction. He wanted to see if I could dig up more information about this etching online. I figured I could […]

PBASE – Live Vicariously.

Living Vicariously. and never leave the confines of your home… An addictive wandering site can be found here: It’s a different kind of flickr… It used to be free based but now has gone to fee based. But at $2.00/month […]