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Back! I’ve been busy with papers and development work… New development projects launching soon. I recently had the opportunity to attend an impressive communications & speaking seminar recently. I was skeptical at first but soon warmed up to the innovative […]


Spring Break… officially wraps up soon… doesn’t feel like we had much of a break… Managed to pick up some pretty, shiny baubles from the last round of auction hunting. It’s amazing what people like to horde. There were bags […]


What’s more usefull then an iPod? A Pocket PC with CF I/II slot and a 4GB MicroDrive. So, get the NOMAD MuVo² Player and pull out the microdrive unit… it’s cheaper then purchasing an off-the-shelf 4GB MicroDrive – go figure. […]


Getting off the Sofa… Another outlet for filling those album cover collections for iTunes (especially for PCs which is not supported by SOFA) head over here for a quick applet that skims the net for covers:


Ghost in the Machine… Kingdom Hospital PR Website. Just click around a few times… that place is really haunted.


Very Gorey In a strong styling like the late Edward Gorey, Camille Rose Garcia carries the style forward: Follow her creepy cartoon children through the wasteland fairy tales… Part art, part critical commentary.


Fine Arts Night — tonight (Tuesday) from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. at Sanderson High School. It’s FREE!! Come see short performances by the Jazz Band, Spartan Madrigals, Choral Ensemble, & Sandpipers, in the auditorium from 6:15-7:15 p.m. At 7:30 p.m. […]


It’s alive… Cell phone is working. It is pretty frustrating to have to jump from Cingular store to store to store… each outfit is ‘purchased’ by owner/operators/third parties. In addition they are not “allowed” to carry certain services/options that Cingular […]


Cingular Bugs. Cell phone number is on the fritz… awaiting Tech Support (2 transfers, 4 minutes on hold and counting…) I’ve been getting an “Unregistered SIM” error message even though I’ve used the phone without any problems for the last […]


Speaking of lunch… Kristen, Zonker, Ken, Jeff– great catching up with you! If you’re still interested in getting your music library archived drop me a line, I’ll queue up my ‘renderpharm’ (just a $1 a CD, LOL) I’m sure the […]