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How do you get to Carnegie Hall!?

aka, how many ways can you get to what you need done… Ask anyone for directions to someplace and you will never get the same answer twice… this is the case when putting together a project using Flash. Although it […]

Line Rider, beta

– winter wonderland flash fun ala viral video. Uses arrays to track your input, velocity and acceleration for the ride and saving previous maps with client-side shared objects. YouTube Preview here: httpv://

Multipoint Touchscreens and Displays

The big software and hardware tech divisions are really looking into the ability to manipulate multiple points of information on a single screen. Some of these links are rehashed items collected from the web in the last two months. Really […]

Cat in Space, Tap and Nike on the run…

Way before the ‘So You Can Dance’ and ‘Dancing With the Stars’ odd-ball-pseudo-reality-70’s flashback-variety shows… Gregory Hines put out a film called “Tap” where he wired up tap shoes to midi/synths. I’m not sure if these were ever functional or […]

var flash = age(10);

Flash turns 10 this week. Although Flash started out being infamous for splash pages and banner ads it has evolved into one of the most prolific rich media formats available to consumers. It’s slowly developing into a software application powerhouse […]

Undergraduate Research Symposium

Thursday, August 3, 2006 McKimmon Center, Raleigh, NC Students from the NSF funded DesignTech Research Team attended the 5th Annual NC State Undergraduate Research Summer Symposium. Along with 192 other undergraduate and graduate summer research students, DesignTech displayed their findings […]

MakingThings – Teleos

Project Teleos. In an effort to lay down some “foundation modules” for the upcoming studio projects for the Contemporary Art Museum I’ve been working launched back into life as a programmer. We’re going to be developing projects for interactive design […]

Johnny Hollow

Johnny Hollow slow download, worth the wait. boo! … searching for inspiration.

Macromedia FlashPaper

aka – PDF lite. Macromedia FlashPaper printer driver technology for Windows 2000 and XP lets Contribute 2 customers transform any printable document into a compact, web-friendly Macromedia Flash format and then embed the document as an intrinsic part of a […]


Until I get back to non-busy mode I’m putting links here. I have a nice xml import toolset for bookmarks just haven’t posted yet. blah. GENERAL FLASH RESOURCES Homepage FONTS FOR FLASH […]