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Back Home Productions – Flash Designer/Developer

PT/FT Flash Designer/Developers Needed Back Home Productions is currently seeking candidates for a Flash Developer position with 2-3 years experience designing and programming interactive Web-based presentations with Flash/Actionscript. Need strong flash animator/designer with moderate action script experience for interactive on-line […]


A Flash Animation Composition for Comic Books and Animated Flipbooks We had a fantastic opportunity for students and guests to experiment with short animation stories and world building to create a sense of place and perspective for creative exploration. Students […]

Vuvox, Flash presentations on-the-fly

VUVOX is a step up from YouTube but not quite the same this semi-Web2.0, meida-rich, application service provides an alternative viewing experience to the standard image/photo gallery or animation/video amalgamation. It is in semi-Beta and endeavors to be an easy-to-use, […]

Seadragon and Photosynth

A brief (pseudo) example was shown during Apple Worldwide Developers Conference of this method of viewing large datasets of images and content. Apple’s demo used images of DVD movies on a large wall (Finder/Cover Flow). This takes it to a […]

Freelance: Website Design

Andrews Tool Works needs someone to do a website (re)design…they are looking at moving to an interactive site. They have used students before from NC State, and really like the work they do. This is a paid freelance opportunity…it wouldn’t […]

FITC Design & Technology 2007

It’s playing in Toronto. It was “Flash In The Can”. It’s Flash but more then Flash. Jam packed with fun and information, as well as a massive networking opportunity, FITC 2007 consists of presentations, demonstrations, panel discussions, the FITC awards […]

Color Palettes and Analysis

What is a Color Palette? A set of colors that we will be using for film and animation that can set a film’s mood or feeling. Mix them in varying percentages to make new colors and save them in your […]

Employment: NCSU Delta – Media Specialist Position

NC State University, Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications Unit (DELTA) is seeking a Media Specialist who will be responsible for graphic design, visual communication and the production of print media, web design and interactive marketing collateral. The Media […]


httpv:// The Resource Center for Sensitive Art, sensitive here refers to your senses and to interactive sensors as in light sensor. It’s a project realised by Jean-Noel Montagne who wanted to build a place where one can learn and understand […]

Flash Tilt/Shift Effect

Tilt/Shift effects are traditionally done with special lenses and cameras. Somewhere along the way (mid- 2006) people started cranking out fake miniature model effects in Photoshop (most popular tutorial/example). This miniature effect style has been used in animations but it […]