ART, BEATS + LYRICS @ Charlotte
A Multimedia Urban Art Exhibition featuring the industries hottest artists


Art, Beats and Lyrics is a multi-media art exhibition that explores the work of a diverse group of visual artists that have emerged from the hip hop culture throughout the U.S.. AB+L explores 7 themes in Hip Hop and highlights urban art forms expressed through photography, graffiti, paintings fused with DJing, break dancing and live music.

CenterStage @ NoDa
2315 N Davidson St.
Charlotte, NC

DATE: Friday, April 25th
Time: 7p – 11pm

Cost: Free, You must be 21 years of age or older.

AB+L The core of the project involves painting, sculpture, photography, video, music and design by more than 20 individuals who range from well know artists to up and coming local talent. AB+L started with an audience of over 400 people and grew to over 4,000 people for a one evening event at the High Museum. The demographic audience for AB+L is the “Urbanite”, between the ages of 21 to 34. AB+L can capture the urban audience by maintaining its roots in the street and promoting the underground experience. AB+L understands the sub-cultures within the underground network and can reach this market effectively and consistently. This platform also gives local urban artists a channel in which to expose their art to a wider audience.

More info:

AB+L has five main goals:
1. To give the general public an understanding of the roots and consciousness in the
urban community.
2. To showcase some of each cities most creative minds.
3. To connect the Hip Hop culture in different communities around the country.
4. To merge main stream, multi-cultural and the underground communities through art.
5. To give brands the opportunity to connect their products to the urban communities
through a non traditional outlet.

Event Activities
AB+L will combine the various urban art forms in one event to take viewers through a multimedia experience. Possible activities for the exhibition include:

1. Art Gallery – A gallery space will be designed to tie into “Urban Renaissance” theme and display original artwork from the artist.
2. Turntable skills exhibition performed by national DJ battle champions.
3. Large scale art Installation.
4. Video projection integration and flat panel integration (Displaying sponsor’s logos
as well as additional art related images from the artists).
5. Break-dance showcase.
7. Rare sneaker installation.

Categories of Art
Graphic Design
Motionn Graphics

Charlotte, NC

Possible Artist List
Mike Thompson
Fuse Green
Dosa Kim
Urban Medium
Occasional Superstar
Sydney James

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