If you can’t beat them…

Flip VideoIf you can’t beat the hacking community, join them… so Flip Video is proceeding with their marketing program driven primarily with a contest featured on Facebook.

Enter for your own chance for a free Flip Video Camera here.

Flip Video is essentially the “same” CVS camera that has been hacked back and forth by the hacking community since it was released… I guess Pure Digital decided to go ahead and build out this USB connected device instead of, try as they might, keeping it locked down. They’ve managed to keep the original network of DVD vendors with the pharmacy chains, so that doesn’t dilute the original intent or eat away at that particular aspect of the business model and/or value chain… although most people with newer machines will just burn a copy on their local machines. This option would allow you to stop by any pharmacy location and grab a quick backup DVD copy to send out to friends and family.

In addition include a fancy USB connector and bundled a bunch of software… no hacking required. To top it off they give you direct access to dump content directly to (insert favorite brand of online video website). It seems like a pretty decent way to grab video without having to worry about a costly, high-end camera getting lost, dropped or stolen… now someone just needs to hack it to handle a larger memory capacity beyond the 512mb or 1 GB!

 Here’s a pretty decent review of the whole package, includes a sample AVI file for previewing…

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