The Resource Center for Sensitive Art, sensitive here refers to your senses and to interactive sensors as in light sensor. It’s a project realised by Jean-Noel Montagne who wanted to build a place where one can learn and understand the role of sensors, real-time and interactivity in media art. Jean Noel is giving us the resources to achieve this goal thanks to the help of “Mains d’Oeuvres” who is hosting the project.

Say you want to make an new media art installation that works in real time or a piece of interactive dance and you want to know which kind of sensors are right for you and how you can use the output signal to achieve what you need. You can just go there and try the many sensors found on the walls, find one you like and then choose how its signal will be treated and finally test it on a particular action (light, video, mechanical actions, spatial sound…) and you can switch the sensors, signal treatments and actions as much as you want until you get the desired effect.

[ Via Public-access.org ]

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