Undergraduate Research Symposium

Thursday, August 3, 2006
McKimmon Center, Raleigh, NC

Processing ResearchStudents from the NSF funded DesignTech Research Team attended the 5th Annual NC State Undergraduate Research Summer Symposium. Along with 192 other undergraduate and graduate summer research students, DesignTech displayed their findings and interactive applications for final review and judging.DesignTech is headed by Pat FitzGerald (Art+Design) and Ben Watson (Computer Science) and the Summer 2006 participants included: Angela Levesque, Michelle Mohr, Michael Crenshaw, Larry Horne and Samantha Bens.

The Advanced Media Lab hosted their summer research which was centered around dynamic content available through RSS and XML feeds found on websites like Flickr, Craigslist.org, Friendster, MySpace, CNN, Amazon.com and Google. Using a software program called Processing, based on java, they were able to create virtual workspaces that ‘consumed’ the dynamic data and displaye the information in animated 3D and 2D layers.

Symposium pictures and information is available at the Division of Undergraduate Academic Programs website here…

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