Something old, Something new…
This quick blurb reminded me of some of the April Fools stunts my buddies and I used to pull in the computer lab back in high school : This is a link to a 64kb .zip file. When you unzip it, it becomes a 40MB text file with the word “water” repeated over and over again. This trick has been used since back in the dial up BBS days. However, the thing is what would happen if you Bluetoothed that bad boy to someone with a Series 60 phone – especially one like the 6600 with ZipMan built in. Not even going to *think* about trying it… maybe the zip implementation on the S60 is smart and won’t be affected. Maybe the phone will blow up in a puff of pink smoke. What about .jar files? Jars are just renamed .zip files with a manifest file inside. If you rename that file above and try to install it on any J2ME phone, what happens? Are the people who wrote the mobile unzipping/unjarring utilites smart enough to think of this?
Originally Cited Here: http://www.russellbeattie.com/notebook/

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