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INTERCOM (2nd Annual)

E V E R Y O N E W E L C O M E ! Please plan to attend INTERCOM (2nd Annual) design+research+exchange Monday, March 16 from 5:30 p.m. Leazar Hall 311+312 NC State University, College of Design. Each […]

Design Expo (DXR) Expands to Charlotte in 2009

After two extremely successful years, Design Expo Raleigh will expand to a second location (Charlotte, NC) in 2009 and will simply be known as Design Expo or DXR. The theme for DXR’09 is “Designing Change.” The purpose of DXR ’09 […]

Brainstorming vs Brainwriting

Recently BNET1 laid out the case against brainstorming and plenty of readers chimed in to complain about how ineffective the technique is for generating quality new ideas (and a couple also leaped to its defense). Those who aren’t fans get […]

Creating Video Games, from Luge to 3-D

Videogame creation is serious work at NC State. Starting with raw ideas, pitches and pizza, computer science and industrial design students work collaboratively to develop computer games with compelling art and visuals, paired with sound game play mechanics and technical […]

Multi-Touch Flash, flosc : Flash OpenSound Control

We were using this method to track and migrate data from Processing to Flash… it’s not extremely efficient but can get the job done. I imagine this could come in handy if you wanted to utilize a single machine/camera setup […]

New Bern Stories

ADN 460 + ADN 560 New Media Showcase New Bern Stories Saturday, April 26th @ 7PM Burns Auditorium, NCSU College of Design [directions] This semester’s sponsored studio Animation Showcase includes a historic twist. With collaboration from the Craven Arts Council […]