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Something old, Something new… This quick blurb reminded me of some of the April Fools stunts my buddies and I used to pull in the computer lab back in high school : This is a link to a 64kb .zip […]


Interviews… It’s fascinating to watch interviews of various people appearing on 60 Minutes (which is probably only 47 minutes) or Charlie Rose, who’s facial expressions and body gestures are far more entertaining to watch then Barbara Walters, as well as […]


Apparently Microsoft was wrong when they told the Department of Justice that you could not run Internet Explorer as a standalone web browser. Nowadays, we know otherwise. Download to your heart’s content. All you need to do is download these […]


Bill Gates To Help Mickey Mouse Sell Digital Movies Disney and Microsoft are set to announce a new partnership Monday. The two companies will work together to make Disney content available on cell phones, personal digital assistants and a new […]


2.0 Funny AP reports that a Hollan Mich. man decided to tag his newborn with 2.0 instead of the standard II or Jr. He was quoted saying that he wanted something different… guess he’s really a closet Jake 2.0 fan.


I was a TV Series Junky… With the extended weekend we managed to crunch in some “archived” TV … nothing like kicking your feet up, taking in an overdose of TV and watching an entire season of a favorite show […]


Oh, The weather outside is frightful… Snow, ice, sleet, fog and rain… A month late and not exactly the best type to make snowballs. Seems like most of the state has decided to hunker down and watch the TV news […]

107469816733002200 issues… their entire server system was down for about an hour this morning… I’ve had pretty great service from them but something like that just puts me on the edge. In the process of trying to mirror the contents […]


Coloring Books Although “In the Line of Fire” is giving “Law & Order: SVU” a run for its money I’m still a fan of the Law & Order series… check out this limited print run of the Law & Order […]


Soon. Mini iPod. (rumormill amuck, amuck, amuck) I think they are trying to squeeze as much as they can out of this product line (trying very hard not to get into economics terms from class LOL). A smaller (incredible) form […]