What kind of hat do you wear!?

If you don’t know what hat you wear you can find out and if you do know that you have to wear many hats how about trying a different hat on for a weekend!?  If you’re a designer itching with ideas this is a great place to throw them out on the floor and test them out. Pitching skills aren’t necessary just a passion for expressing your ideas and turning them from vaporware into reality. This should be a great opportunity to network and interact with lots of people with a creative flair and tech edge.

Startup Weekend is coming to the Triangle – You can head out and help start a company in a weekend. Startup Weekend will be held at Edge Office, Raleigh, NC on July 11-13, 2008.

Startup Weekend Coming to the Triangle

What’s Startup Weekend about?

Startup Weekend has been described as jazz for entrepreneurs. Put a bunch of talented, passionate people in a building together for a weekend and see what happens. Weekends have taken place around the country. There was even a weekend in Chapel Hill last November. The idea is to launch a company (or multiple companies) in a single weekend.

Who is Startup Weekend for?

It’s all about the people that show up and what the group wants to create. Developers, designers, publicists, bloggers, photographers, videographers, sys admins, SEO experts, lawyers, marketers- anyone who wants to contribute can find something to do. Bored of your day job as a programmer and always wanted to write marketing text? Come to Startup Weekend and do just that. Try something different or do what you are really good at. But come prepared to contribute and to have fun.

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