Job Opportunity: Visual Designer

IBM/Lotus Product Design team is looking for a person with strong visual design skills and a good working knowledge of web based applications as well as basic graphic design.

Please note that this is a contract position not a permanent IBM slot.
It is a full time position so availability would need to be generally in the 9:00 to 5:00 time range.

Any recent graduates looking for work would be a great fit. The contract is
expected to be about a year – however, it could last longer or turn into something else down the line.

Anyone interested send resume to:

“Ramona D Lewis” <>
r a m o n a l e w i s | Lotus User Experience Design Project Manager

H: 919-461-2403 (best)
Cell: 919-656-6496
W: 486-0845

Please let Ramona know you found this posting through Lee Cherry + Pat FitzGerald out at the NCSU College of Design.

Good Luck.

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