Chris Pepper from IBM’s NCSU Pathfinder Mentoring Program stopped by to talk about this great opportunity.

Seems like a great, no pressure opportunity that is a low-key, informal way to network with the “real world”. A perfect chance for students to meet with working professionals in their “domain expertise” and talk about projects, problems and practice.

  • Provide students some insight into professional life to better prepare themselves while at school
  • Professionals meet with students approx. monthly to discuss career experiences, technical job trends, answer questions, provide insight to engineering profession
  • One semester duration – the student and advisor can continue the relationship longer if they choose to
  • Potential IBM visits and lab tours to give student a view of what goes on at IBM
  • Two-way feedback – hear from student how to improve the program
  • For students in Electrical Engineering , Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Human Factors, Technical Communications, Industrial Design and Graphics Design

Send your completed enrollment form and your resume to Linda Brown at or Chris Pepper at 

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