Meet & Greet in 3-D: Virtual Onboarding at IBM

IBM Second LifeTalent Management has a quick interview with Chuck Hamilton, director of IBM’s Center for Advanced Learning. IBM is taking the company virtual with thousands of employees using Second Life and Plane Shift to support new employee orientation and training. It is about time what we begin to see some innovative pilot programs being developed and used in a true business environment. Not bad for a technology that was once only thought of as a way to reduce travel expenditures.

A lot of technology has thwarted their efforts to be more creative, and what I’m seeing in this space is that we’re all of the sudden opening up an environment or a platform that says, “You be the creator. You open that up.” As a matter of fact, very little of content that is created in the Second Life environment is created by the owners of the tool themselves — all of that content and the world you see there is created by the people who participate in it. This is a very creative medium right from the get-go. You’re seeing a merging of skills that weren’t naturally merged before. This environment is very artistic, so you’ve got this medium merging art with technology and social with environmental.

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