Color Palettes and Analysis

Color Palettes

What is a Color Palette?

A set of colors that we will be using for film and animation that can set a film’s mood or feeling. Mix them in varying percentages to make new colors and save them in your palette.

Possible directions can include: warm colors, cool colors, neutral colors, washed colors, toon colors.

Below are some Flash 8 Applets that can help in color palette selection and identification. These were created by modifying Flash Bitmap Tools and getPixel bitmap cycler to allow you to load a dynamic .jpg image on load into a custom bitmap object for analysis.

Palette Picker:

You can download palette picker ( and use your own image or screen capture in the images folder… just rename your image and replace the 001.jpg in images folder and it will automatically load your image so you can cycle through a series of color selections.

Dynamic Color Wheel

This lets you pick some colors and cycle through complementary colors for your project. Right click on the Color Wheel to select options.

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