Flash Tilt/Shift Effect

Tilt/Shift using Flash.Tilt/Shift effects are traditionally done with special lenses and cameras. Somewhere along the way (mid- 2006) people started cranking out fake miniature model effects in Photoshop (most popular tutorial/example).

This miniature effect style has been used in animations but it was created manually or with post-production effects. If you want to achieve this in your animation you can do it very easily and effectively with Flash 8.

In the Flash Tilt/Shift examples the left image uses the original image (via flickr group) placed under dynamic filters and effect layers within Flash. The example on the right is the original image doctored using Photoshop. Running the same dynamic filters through a few examples and modifying some of the alpha, saturation, blur levels we can achieve the same effect with Flash.

So, you should be able to do the same thing with your flash based animation without having to do it manually scene by scene… just run your animation in the same layer as the static image. It would be possible to tween the tilt/shift effect movieclip to enhance the effect during action shots or scenes with wide panoramics.

View Flash Tilt/Shift examples
Download the Flash 8 Tilt/Shift Example.

A collected listing of some Tilt/Shift Effect examples:

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