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Vircas is seeking film producers, directors, and distributors that would like to have their film featured in our monthly showcase.

Vircas technology offers a full-screen DVD and HD quality video streaming platform that enables error free transport of high bit rate video over the Internet, allowing uninterrupted data flow from source to client over multiple router hops. In other words, pretty good picture over small internet pipelines with som DRM built in…

Vincent Hirth, Vircas Chief Executive Officer, created the concept after his move to the States uncovered a void in creative television programming that can be found in France and England. “We created a means for content publishers to show their videos anywhere at any time with picture quality never before seen on the web and without the threat of copyright infringement,” said Hirth. [via MARKET WIRE]

It costs you nothing and is their way of thanking the film industry for continued support in the launch of the Vircas technology, Vircas Media Player. Your film, if selected, will be accessible for anyone across the globe to stream in full-screen DVD quality directly from our website,

For more information contact Matt Brown at:
Mobile: + 1 972.839.0005

Caveats… you are probably not getting paid to have your content submitted to them and you will need to work out the distribution/copyright issues; however, they are going to allow your footage to be available to all the people that download and use their player. So, it’s a bit of a Catch-22… although you aren’t getting paid and of course they (Vircas) will get paid somewhere down the line… you get some distribution channel for your footage. Guess it really depends on how good their player is and how many eyeballs get to view the content that eventually gets back to someone hiring you or buying your material.

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