‘Beyond Machinima’

Trapped AshesIn a very detailed interview visual effects designer John Gaeta, best known for his Oscar-winning ‘bullet time’ effects for The Matrix, talks to Gamasutra about his collaboration with EA’s Rudy Poat on a startling new film using real-time game engine manipulation and AI. We’re talking video mashups, interactive films and dynamic camera angles here… It’s interesting to note that a lot of the thought and techniques mentioned by Gaeta are also stressed in the book Synthetic Worlds by Edward Castronova. Synthetic Worlds is a must read anyone interested in the business, design and culture of the new-new media and gaming industry.

[ Read it at GamaSutra.com ]

In the year 2006 we can only really be thinking about these things in terms of an animated feature, but we all know that it’s only a matter of time until we are able to do some virtual cinematography inside of a game system. Essentially we’ll be able to create a hybrid environment using some of the techniques used in film. That’s all starting to filter into games now, and it’s adding a heightened sense of realism. Even importing moving, high def environments like a seascape that changes into something I can interact with at a certain distance. There are many interesting “mashings” that are about to happen over the next few years. – John Gaeta

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