Multipoint Touchscreens and Displays

The big software and hardware tech divisions are really looking into the ability to manipulate multiple points of information on a single screen. Some of these links are rehashed items collected from the web in the last two months. Really doubt they'll come out with anything by end of year that is open or SDK use. Little by little with what little resources one has.

There are several different approaches coming out of Sony, Philips, Microsoft and Apple. Even NYU has a few tricks with a different approach using FTIR (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection). Chris O'Shea is trying to make it open source. MakingThings has a video tracker but not nearly as accurate as one would hope. Flash 8 and Processing will handle it on some level of detail... David Harnett, Microsoft's senior director of IP ventures, talks about how their technology works and what practical uses it will have at c|net.

Here’s a YouTube feed:

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