Second Life

We’re talking about using this feature to do an online component to a virtual museum. It will be interesting to see how it might be incorporated into an existing website that runs alongside the museum daily operations. Physical spaces translating into virtual space with rotating exhibits and unique items that could be developed and traded/sold. I’ve only used it myself during spare times but the feel and interface is very easy and development/design friendly.

on another note:

Linden Lab Offers Second Life Fellowship
Linden Lab, the developers of nonviolent MMO world Second Life, have announced the beginning of a fellowship program in which innovative developers from the Second Life community can win a $4,000 grant “to explore the potential of Second Life as a creative medium.”

The fellowship is open to undergraduate or graduate students in visual or performing arts, with a focus in digital media. Applications for the fellowship are available at the Second Life website. Applications are due March 15, 2006, and the fellowship winner must be completed within one semester using the Second Life tools.

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