Artist’s Obscurity

Artist’s Obscurit

My father recently dropped off an etching from Paris Etching Society that he picked up at an estate auction. He wanted to see if I could dig up more information about this etching online. I figured I could “google” the painter and get something – no luck at all… it appears this painter never did another painting/etching again and Paris Etching Society brings up too many random/old links. I’m still hunting though.Paris Etching Society

Anyways, It’s an interesting etching by Louis Raymond.
Titled: “The Pond”, Number 114, No date is given but from what I gather most of these were done in the late 30’s, Paris Etching Society NY, USA, Distributed by Turner (NY, Chicago, LA).

The Pond

The etching is pretty similar to others done by PES, it contains mostly hues of greens, browns and blues… a small dirt path, lined with trees on the right with a small pond to the lower right – just to the side of the trees. In the background is a nice backdrop of blue sky and white clouds and the roof of a house just over the hill. Just around the bend is a small picket fence.

It appears to be original work with original frame and backing. If you’re interested in a JPG snapshot drop me a line – if you have any more information on this etching or the painter send me a note…

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