I’ve been busy with papers and development work…
New development projects launching soon.

I recently had the opportunity to attend an impressive communications & speaking seminar recently. I was skeptical at first but soon warmed up to the innovative speaking style as well as the energy and enthusiasm presented by Barton Queen, from C3 Communications. Interesting strategies based on his concept/style of ‘listener focused’ speaking and an interesting rubric utilising sticky notes for developing speaches/content – shoud come in handy down the road for class presentations. Some of it was a rehash of skills I learned back in Policy/Lincoln Douglas Debate; however, some of the interesting tips definately could have come in handy when I was trying to get my folks to pitch in and help me buy my first car… Barton is currently being utilised by industry executives through SAS Institute, Inc. – you can reach him via email if you’re interested in setting up seminar for your employees/associates.

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